Maui A Lovers Paradise

There is just about Hawaii that speaks of romance all over it. It is more with the island of Maui. This place is the best and most romantic spot for couples to visit and explore. It is not only a place for your to say I do in Maui where most weddings are held in just about every corner. Below you will surely get a good feeling on why Maui is simply just an exciting and romantic island in Hawaii.

  • Hikes in the Waterfalls

Maui is one of the many having beautiful waterfalls. At the heart of thick tropical rainforests while on a hike along with your lover is such a thrilling experience making it a perfect set up for bonding. With tour guides who will be assisting you on visiting this spots will never make you feel uncomfortable as a couple since even in a group you will still have your private moment. Other tours for an extra fee will accommodate an excursion for both of you only.

  • Tour on a Helicopter

Most people would say that in order for you to enjoy all of Maui is to take a tour on air and that is on a helicopter tour. Now comes in tours made especially on tour by air of these companies. Wouldn’t it be romantic to ride on a helicopter seating right next to your loved one feeling that sweet scent in the air of Maui and feeling that breeze speaking of romance? It surely is cool!

  • Cruise of a Sunset

Maui being famous of its stunning and breathtaking sunsets which a sunset cruise is a perfect trip for 2 lovers set to sail away into the darkness. It is a perfect setting for couples to enjoy the cruise while sipping wine and enjoying a special sunset view. Won’t this be a romantic activity you will surely cherish for life. Also for couples this is the best spot to propose and plan for that dream destination weddings in Maui.

  • Go Snorkeling

For most couples who just can’t stop themselves from that tempting waters of Maui by all means try to go on a snorkeling activity. It would be a lot of fun aside from a normal swim that any traveler does. The sea animals that you will see will make you believe want to do snorkeling longer. This is again another activity that any couple will surely enjoy.

  • Visit Luaus

Luaus are great events to go to while you are in Maui. You will not just be overwhelmed with tasting a lot of these Hawaiian delicacies but will surely be entertained also. Couples who visit Maui will surely fall for this as this will allow a quality time together to just relax, enjoy and eat. Royal Lahaina Luau is one of the most attended Luau in Maui.

  • A Walk Along the Beach

The most popular and free kind of a romantic pleasure enjoyed by all not just couples. Since Maui is known of its countless stretch of gorgeous beaches your partner and you will never feel you are being watch since a chat while holding hands is the most expressive way of enjoying each other’s company on a romantic setting. The scenery as you walk is just priceless.

  •  Horseback Riding

If you and your partner enjoys a tour on the scenic part of Maui then horseback riding is a must do. A tour on Maui’s even green surrounding and a picnic perhaps on your stop would again be an enjoyable moment for both of you to share

  • Romantic Restaurants

If you want to enjoy a nice dinner being husband and wife if not celebrating togetherness on a romantic island a dining at a restaurant is one thing couples should do. It is not just for you to taste of Hawaii’s specialties but also to mark a wonderful start or create a wonderful memory of your travel to Hawaii.


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