Exploring Hana Highway In Maui

Without debate, probably the most tempting scenic drives on the planet, Maui’s Hana Highway-aka “The Path to Hana”-is a can’t-miss experience for individuals to Hawaii’s “Valley Isle.” Be sure that you’re serve the required time for that windy roadway cutting a swath through lush countryside, black sand beaches and cascading waterfalls.

What to do

Starting from Kahului, on Maui’s northwest shores, creating a quick stop a number of miles east in Paia, a contented little town having a great general store and some other choices (like Picnics Restaurant) for grabbing a sandwich plus some refreshments to the drive. To really savor your journey, have about 4 hours, as you will most probably be departing your vehicle on several occasions for waterfall viewing and several beach stops.Head east on Highway 360 prior to another short stop just away from town on the Ho’okipa Overlook, for the bird’s-eye look at talented surfers and windsurfers savoring the waves.Just past Mile Marker 9, have a brisk hike along the Waikamoi Ridge Forest Trail, a tiny but inviting trek that loops by having a jungle of lush flora which don’t take considerably longer than 20 mins.

Full-blown flower power awaits with the Ke’anae Arboretum, a trove of tropical plants that can dazzle visitors with both their fragrances and colors. The arboretum are available after that Mile Marker 16.

Camera buffs will assure to get from the turnout by Mile Marker 24, where a charming waterfall awaits visible through the roadway. Although it is not as glorious, Makapipi Falls awaits miles later, worth a peek mainly because it cascades right into a small azure pond just beneath the bridge.

Another striking site lies by Mile Marker 32-Wai’anapanapa State Wayside Park’s black sand beach. Small but seductive stretch of dark sand is a good location to beat the temperature on the hot day, which has a dip rolling around in its beckoning waters.

Finally, you’ll get to the main town of Hana, which may be fully explored in every of around Ten mins. However, if you aren’t in a rush, relax using a libation in the backyard on the Hotel Hana-Maui, an elegant but comfortable resort with lots of ocean views. The typical store nearby can be a funky and eclectic stop with the encyclopedic selection of nearly everything imaginable.

Carry on, as probably the most sensational stops await several miles at night capital of Scotland – Hana-including ‘Ohe’o Gulch, by incorporating superbly photogenic waterfalls. As the entire drive is sublime, this can be a real payoff of the journey, a quintessentially Hawaiian escape ideal for swimming, sunbathing or perhaps savoring the views in each and every direction. This is such an interesting trip after your the most memorable weddings in Maui and a sure hit for couples to unwind and relax.

A vehicle if you are renting one will add towards the fun.
Drive slowly and cautiously for this winding roadway.


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