Weddings in Maui Beach Location

Weddings in Maui Beach Location, Maui WeddingLet’s face it beach weddings is just on a higher percentage for bride or couples to be wed choose from. What more if you plan it to be done on a beach and go as far as Hawaii. There are just endless of list for a beach wedding location and Maui is just one of the islands with superb spots to choose from.

The beaches in Maui provides a scenic backdrop, great parking areas, nearness to restaurants for a dine out for small ceremony, near a lot of hotels and a more reasons why you will choose to have it in Maui.

Makena Cove
The Makena Cove Beach is a very known beach location in Maui to hold a wedding since its area is of scenic wonder. A wedding here is like a dream come true for most couples. What makes the area enticing is the black lava rocks, that picturesque backdrop and your crystal clear water in a dreamy blue skies.

Lahaina Beach
If you want convenience and restaurants just near enough to walk right through it then check on Lahaina Beach. A great place popular as the “Jewel in the crown of Maui” where you can take some great photos.

Maluaka Beach - North, Maui WeddingMaluaka Beach – North
The North Maluaka Beach offers that gorgeous view with its white sandy beach. Westin Maui Prince Resort is just right infront of this beach and it is best for your guests as the travel is near for a wedding reception venue. The place has a lot of parking space, convenient.

Maluaka Beach – South
A picturesque sighting of rocks and sand is what South Maluaka Beach offers. It offers a good parking space area and provides best facilities most especially if you choose to have a lot of guests. The best part is there are a lot of space for you to use in the area.

Kapalua Bay
A scenic and very popular location is Kapalua Bay. What attracts visitors is the white sandy beach. A romantic setting with a lot of Coconut Palm trees sorrounds the place and is a tropical setting. This beach is best for people having a small wedding. Parking and restrooms are accessible here.


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