Best Locations For That Wedding in Maui

Best Locations For That Wedding in Maui, Maui Wedding

Before they start, they ought to be clear that this is not a full list of all the great places on Maui to take wedding photographs. That will take a few articles, or even a book, to cover.

However, at the least, this list will give you a great place to start and some ideas of what you can have in your wedding pics if you getting married on Maui. Takes a glance at a quantity of our picks.

Maluaka Beach.  This beach has a lot going for it, including simple access. It is located right in front of the Maui Prince Hotel so you have the advantages of lots of parking nearby. You have a tiny walk still to get there, but nothing strenuous.
Another reason for its popularity? It is an fabulous place to make use of for the sundown backdrop. You can never go wrong with a Hawaii sundown in your wedding photographs.

Polo Beach.  This Maui beach is another that is located right by a hotel. This time it is at the Fairmont Kea Lani. In addition to offering lots of parking it is a bigger sized beach so you have more room to get different photograph angles.

Polo Beach is also known for its beautiful lava rock. Those always add great visual contrast and interest to wedding photographs. The light sand/black rock is eye-catching, never failing to draw the eyes.

Road To Hana.  The Road To Hana offers fabulous views, stunning Maui scenery and cascading waterfalls that cannot be beaten for backdrops. However, this option is best for those who can dedicate a complete day, or at least a giant portion of a day, to taking photographs.

A powerful stomach can be important, , as the road does lots of winding. Some find that to be hard on the stomach. The Road is famous for being an adventure.

The rule here is to only do this in case you have lots of time, have it well planned out and have a photographer who knows the Road well. Otherwise this trip could become a catastrophe quickly. That said, the scenery is spectacular and will make your wedding photographs something truly special.

Kalahaku Overlook, Maui WeddingKalahaku Overlook . Need something different for your Maui wedding pics? Check out this lookout. Your scene here is of deep browns and reds, something you expect to see on the Moon or Mars.

This terrain was formed from the now extinct Haleakala volcano, which last erupted and coated this land with its lava around 1790. The crater is an fabulous vista of natural formations you can’t seldom find anywhere else in the world.

You can also have a great story when your friends see your photographs from here. Isn’t that part of the fun of wedding pics? The story? Kalahuku gives you that in spades.

These are a few places for great wedding photographs on Maui. We can explore more in following articles. For now, these are sure bets as well as a great place to start when planning your Maui wedding.


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