Places of History in Maui

Palapalo Ho'omau Church, island of maui, maui wedding, wedding in maui

Maui is a place where history is also a part of the island just like the rest of the islands. A perfect start in finding best areas of Maui to check back of the past is in Lahaina. This is found in the West part of Maui and has about 25 historical spots you can try to check out. The area is also known to be the whaling industry’s main port before.

Lahaina Sites that made history are that of Banyan Tree, Pioneer Inn,  Baldwin Home, Courthouse and Jail and the Waine’e Church.

At the North part is Highway 30 Kapalua it is known more as the Ritz Carlton resort and the Mercedes Benz Championship Golf Tournament

Marker #16 is also a great place to see of which is in Highway 340 you will get to see the “Bellstone” it is a big volcanic rock that sits on the road. The interesting part on this is that when a rock is thrown to it the sound is like a bell chiming.

In the North part as well you get to see Olowalu Petroglyphs. A drawing of a lava man into the ancient rocks. This is located in Highway 30 that is marker #15.

Museums in Maui also composes of Bailey House Museum located in Highway 320 built in 1833 for Edward and Caroline Bailey of the last kings compound.  Halekii and Pihana Heiaus are two of Maui’s archaeological sites.

The famous Charles Lindbergh an aviator whose life was in Hana, his remains was buried in this part of Maui near Palapalo Ho’omau Church. The church built in the year of 1857 was made of limestone coral and the grave is under a plum tree. This is in marker #41.

There are still a lot in Maui so slowly check it out and have fun!


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