Menu of Services Part 1

Sacred Tour and Blessing

Immerse yourself in the Heart of Hawaii for an entire day in the powerful presence of Haleaka Iolani Pule (Aunty Aka), one of our most spiritually gifted and deeply loving kahu.aka

On your own private and very personal journey, let her share with you her heartfelt intent to bring peace to humanity through the ancient practice of Ho’oponopono, just as she has done many times before all over the world on behalf of the United Nations.

The focus of her life is to share Ho’oponopono and spread aloha around the world and directly to you. Your journey may take you to the City of Refuge at Pu’uhonua o’Honaunau, to Volcanoes National Park, to Waipi’o Valley or to Mauna Kea and/or to other sacred and powerful places.

The ability she has, and can share with you, to make all things right, to bring balance and harmony back into your life, to understand how to move forward with others, to move beyond blockages and obstacles and to get the most out of any situation and out of yourself, that is Ho’oponopono. Ho’oponopono is Akua’s (Creator’s) medicine.

And when she has helped you move into a Hawaiian frame of mind, then and only then will she open her inner gateways to the ancestors and the Universe so that she may share with you all of the wisdom that waits for you in the Heart of Hawaii. You will never be the same.

More about Aka

Length: 8 hrs Price: $1795
****Up to three people included

Hawaiian Blessing


Embrace the power and energy of an intuitive Hawaiian blessing given by Keahi Hanakahi, healing kahu originally from the magical keahiisland of Moloka’i.

Rare and deep insights into your personal path will be given to you through the rare and potent connection of the kahu to your soul and the Universe. Keahi is a loving and powerful spirit whose roots to Hawaiian energy stretch deep into history.

You will have the chance to ask questions if you choose and receive guidance deep from the heart of Hawaiian wisdom. Keahi also chants ancient Hawaiian tones from the time of the pre-Ali’I. You will feel right down to your bones the vibration of pure ancient Hawaiian energy as his voice helps tune you to the energy of the island for the duration of your visit. Given to you in a private location arranged just for you. Transportation provided for an additional charge.

More about Keahi
Length: 1½ hrs Price:$325

Talk Story

Enjoy the private company of three Hawaiian kupuna (elders) as they share with you incredible, soul-enriching stories of life and culture, or the secrets of ho’opono pono, or the history and mana of the land all around you as you sit beneath the swaying palms on the magical Big Island of Hawai’i. Just for you in the privacy of your own accommodations or in a location we arrange for you at an additional charge.

Length: 1½ hrs Price: $895

Heiau Journey


pahiaExperience the unseen Hawaii in this journey to sacred temples ande other sacred and powerful places on the Big Island. Guided by your personal kahu, Pahia, you will pull back the veil on some of the deepest secrets and mysteries in Hawaii. She is a kahu of love.

Tutu Wahine Vahinetapu Kahu Hauolikeakahulilani Pahia was born on Oahu and raised atop a mountain at Maunalani, Oahu. She is of Hawaiian, Tahitian, Lakota Sioux, English, Scotch, Welsh, French and German descent. Both of Kahu Pahia’s parents are of Hawaiian royal and kahu lineage. She was raised in the Ohana family system, and was uniquely taught by 13 Kahu (both men and women) and honors these very special teachers who passed on their knowledge of protocol, Kumulipo, all aspects of Huna (including Ho’oponopono), Ho’ohanau (birthing) and Kuauhau (genealogy.)

“Among the wonderful Kahu who taught me, I was very inspired by Papa Kala who was an avid Hawaiian Speaker of the Old Way, and Auntie Peggy Ha’o-Ross who created Ohana O’ Hawaii, was a leader of sovereignty for the true Kingdom of Hawaii, protocol and the Kahu Code of Spirituality.”

Kahu Pahia is a Rainbow Bridger and Keeper of Prophecies, Kahu Ao of Light and Love, and a KEEPER OF THE SPIRIT OF ALOHA. She focuses on Peace Education in the Power of Aloha. Kahu Pahia performs unique and authentic weddings, blessings of all kinds internationally, ceremonies, tours of sacred sites throughout Hawaii, counseling and much more.

While well grounded in the traditional uses of the Aloha Spirit, Pahia has explored peace making opportunities, including time in Texas as a teaching PhD. Her traditional-contemporary crossing style has made her an honored Elder of wisdom among the Kanaka Maoli Wahine… traditional kahu women’s society, as well as a respected voice for understanding among world leaders.

A kahu is the overseer of the structure of Kanaka Maoli (Hawaiian life). He or she is the keeper of ancient knowledge, the keeper of wisdom and understanding, the professor, the skilled one. The few living kahu are the preservers of the ancient Kanaka Maoli, heart and soul. They are the Keepers of the Principle in the paths known and unknown, the Sacred Bridge Builder, the keeper of the Highway beyond road’s end.

 Length: 6-7 hrs Price: $1495
****Up to three people included

                                                                                                 Waipi'o Tour 



Join a native Hawaiian family on their private farm in the bottom of lush Waipi’o Valley, the most powerful and mystical of places on the Big Island.

Spend a half a day with your feet right in the mud of the sacred earth as you plant and pull taro, ancient staple of the Hawaiian people and still a vibrant crop to this day.

Other companies can only take you through the Valley, it is only our personal relationships that make it possible for you to stay . . . to introduce you to the actual experience of life in one of the world’s truly exotic and breath-taking locations.

Enjoy local company and “talk story” about life and culture in one of the most remote locations on the island.


This is the perfect sacred natural Hawaiian experience for a family of four, together connecting to the land as one.

4-Wheel Drive transportation from Waipi’o Lookout [round-trip] into the Valley is provided.

Catered private picnic lunch can be provided for an additional charge.

Length: 4-5 hrs Price: $1195
****Up to four people included


Private Concert


Enjoy the music of a local performer such as Grammy-winning Slack-key Guitarist John Keawe just for you in the privacy of your own accommodations, assuming they are large enough, or in a location we arrange for you at an additional charge.

Length: 1½ hrs Price: $1095


Private Hula

Enjoy the cultural and spiritual dance expression that is Hula, performed by local and native dancers just for you in the privacy of your own accommodations, assuming they are large enough, or in a location we arrange for you at an additional charge.

Length: 1½ hrs Price: $995


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