Menu of Services Part 2

Lemurian Energy


Kukui Lani is Hawaiian for Heavenly Light. Feel the flow of pure love energy take over your body and provide relief for spiritual, kukuilightemotional and even physical difficulties. Open your body to receive more light and receive it directly from the Universe, passed through the thin Veil that is the Big Island of Hawaii. Similar to reiki but stronger, even longtime and serious ailments can be relieved in this non-touch private session. It can even be self-administered.

This is one of the many healing techniques that works over a distance, you do not need to be here in Hawaii. When you are here, the session is provided to you in a private location arranged just for you. Transportation provided for an additional charge.

Length: 1 – 1½ hrs Price: $325

Pele at Volcano


Journey to the steaming caldera of Kilauea Volcano and feel the presence of Pele herself as you join her na kahu, Nahoku and Kalei’iliahi Kamakawiwoole, in a sacred ritual personalized just for you. Receive direct intuitive messages from the Goddess herself as channeled through her Priests, insight into the deepest parts of you and your essence. The Kamakawiwoole family is a part of the Order of Kamehameha, their roots are deep and strong, and the gifts you will receive from the Patriarch of this family and his wife will live in your heart forever.


When these two came together in a holy way on holy Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii, thousands upon thousands of their ancestors were there to witness the moment, for they all knew that a new Light was born unto the world, created by their joined flames. These Twin Flames now walk the Righteous Way of the Kahu as One, showing their merged light and love to the entire world.

Join them to create a unique and private connection to the Big Island, all your own and to carry with you wherever you go. Catered private picnic lunch can be provided for an additional charge. Transportation can be provided for an additional charge.

Length: 3-4 hrs Price: $995
****Up to three people included


akaFeel the incredible psychic-spiritual intuitive energy of a native reading given to you by Haleaka Iolani Pule Dooley (Aunty Aka), the powerful kahu who recently performed the post-inaugural Hawaiian blessing of U.S. President Barack Obama. Tap into the power of ancestors and of the aina (land) itself to receive flowers of insight leading to your personal fulfillment. Aka’s connection to the island energy runs deep, her family having been the protectors and caretakers of the same single heiau (Hawaiian temple) for the past forty-four consecutive generations.

There is no part of your life that will remain untouched by the loving and clarifying energy of Aka’s attention. You will not need to speak about your issues, whether they are personal or professional or a blend of the two. As do all of our Hawaiian healers and guides, she will simply read from the Universe around you the gifts being given for your enlightenment. Precious gifts indeed they will be.

Given to you in a private location arranged just for you. Transportation provided for an additional charge.

Length: 1½ hrs Price: $325

Lomilomi Massage


Immerse yourself in a luxurious relaxing massage in a private tropical garden, or by the ocean, or on a Cliffside, given by a true master of the art of lomilomi.

lomiIn the early days of passing on the family traditions, whether building canoes, oral history through hula and oli (chanting), la’au’ lapa’au (herbal healing), or healing through lomilomi some would apprentice under one or more kahu for twenty years or more. Some Ancient practitioners often received their knowledge from the ‘Aumakua, ancestral gods, in dreams; these visions could be instantaneous, transmitting a body of information to the practitioner in a flash of light . . .

Feel the tension leave all parts of your body as this ancient technique works its magic.

Given to you in a private location arranged just for you. Transportation can be provided for an additional charge.

Length: 1½ hrs Price: $245

Lava Boat Ride

Lava Boat Ride

See the living volcano as never before, up close and personal in your over private boating experience. Nowhere else on Earth can you have this experience, on the open tropical ocean, with a native Hawaiian guide, as boiling hot lava plunges into the sea.

Guided by Waihiki, whose ancestors were born in sacreed Waipi’o Valley, you will enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience immersed in the raw forces of nature.


Length: 5 hrs Price: $175-$600 per person

Hawaiian BlessingDolphin Swim

Stay in the boat and watch . . . or put on your snorkel and dive right in to the warm tropical waters to swim with these wonders of nature.

And keep your eyes open for whales, manta rays and a host of colorful fishes and corals.

In a sheltered bay and yet absolutely in the wild, embrace your ocean connection to our hidden Hawaii.

Length: 5 hrs Price: $125-$500 per person


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